Is Sex Painful For Virgins?

It’s a common concern among the inexperienced in the act of lovemaking – is sex painful for virgins? It can be, as there are many sensitivities that can make sex painful. If you’ve just gotten into a new partner, you might not have fully developed your sensitivity to sensation yet, and this can be problematic. If you know you’re sensitive to something, then take the tips outlined in this article into consideration.

Let your partner know when and how far you can go. Letting your partner know how far you can go can be a great way to keep things fun and exciting. As a newbie, sometimes being able to go farther than you initially planned can be a little bit overwhelming. Take your time with the pace, and try not to rush. You can always ask for feedback from your partner, to see how they feel about going a little further now.

Experiment with different positions. Having different sexual positions can be an enjoyable way to enjoy yourself. Not every couple is a couple, however; some couples are just not natural when it comes to penetration. Don’t feel like you have to stick to what your partner wants, even if you think they will like it; you should always have the option of your own style.

Don’t be afraid of talking about sex. Having an open communication with your partner can be a great starting point for sex. If you are uncomfortable talking about sex or scared that your partner might be upset with you for revealing your lack of knowledge, try to find a quiet, secluded spot to talk. You can even tell him or her to leave if you feel uncomfortable, though only do this if you trust your partner.

Get some Kegel exercises. These special exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, which helps provide more friction during sex. Using this exercise on a regular basis will help you to control your orgasms and stay a little longer in bed.

Don’t worry so much about being in the mood. A lot of times sex can be caused by a single event. If you can find something to focus on that gets you in the mood, your sex drive will be greatly increased. On the other hand, if you can’t seem to find anything to make you in the mood, try not to be discouraged. Find a relaxing activity to focus on that is fun or even something that you normally do on your own such as knitting or reading a book.

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